Sunday, 19 April 2009

A trip to Manchester and a fat ride.

Long time sincw my last post, but nothing much has happened in the last week or so. The weekend has been fun though. On Saturday I got the train the Preston to meet Ciaran and Rob and then we drove to Manchester to go see a fixie race. We arrived and after a lot of shouting and wrong turns we parked up and set off on foot to find where the race was being held. We found it after a while, Ciaran's guess was correct and now i owe him a quid apparently. Confronted with a crowd of unfamiliar faces we wandered a bit and took a seat on the comfy floor, just outside an open door which gave entrance to a massive Dungeons&Dragons meet which provided endless entertainment as we saw one nerd after another coming in and out. First was the trackstand, which provided little but some entertainment and then came the main event. We tried to work out the course but ended up back at the start line. I whipped my camera out and took around 200 photos with about 10 of them being acceptable for public viewing. The race was ruthless around 16 competitiors therefore 16 laps with the loser of each lap being knocked out. The winner was at the front for the whole race and didn't slow the pace at all which I found very impressive. After that we chipped off to spend some money. Firstly hitting up the food court for the smallest nasties pizza from Pizza Hut then a bit of light browsing. Didn't get anything sadly, saw some mint Vans though. The day ended with me at Preston station for 40 minutes witing for a train with some guy next to me chatting up anything that moved, to no avail. Silly wanker.

So today Ciaran text me saying he was coming to Lancaster for a ride and to meet him at Williamson's park. I did so, uphill all the way pwnd. We fucking mashed down the hill, never really stopped pedalling except at the crossroads where i pretty much messed my pants. We then lost Turner and after trying to find him for a while we found out he had been at Sainsbury's the whole time. Bastard. We hit up the race track at Salt Ayre, I tried to race Ciaran but that failed miserably. Onward to Heysham. We chipped to the power station and soaked up the amazing view. Ciaran and I went for a wander beneath this ragged pier thing, and i took my camera. Me being a fucking idiot didn't really pay attention to my settings or how the pictures were coming out, the exposure was too high so that's why they look like they do unfourtunatley. Sadly it's not the thought that counts =(
We went on around the power station and back through Heysham and fully mashed our way to Morecambe, Ciaran It was about 10 minutes after this that i fucking lost those guys and the next time I saw them was at the Millenium bridge ( they had stopped i didn't catch them up). We rode to a nearby shop and refueled, and rode a little bit further and decided to sack the hill off and walk the rest of the way. We went our separate ways and I met Binner, Nick, Steven and Robin for some footy. The worst idea after a 15 mile or so ride. After the football Steven and I did the hill again but faster this time and in the dark, it's addictive. As I sit here now typing this all I can think of is going down that hill on a proper road bike!

Bike next week hopefully.


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