Sunday, 26 April 2009

First Impressions

Steven and I had roughly planned a bike ride but when we met all plans sort of went out the window so to speak. We went in a completely different direction to what was planned, but we had a destination...sort of. The new plan was to ride to Carnforth and meet Ben after work. Not much happened on the ride there except Steven running over a small child on a bike, it wasn't Steven's fault but it looked like it. We arrived at Carnforth Tesco's after a while, I found it was much easier than last time when i almost collapsed. Ben rang and told us to meet him in Burton-in-Kendal, I had no idea how far away that was so happily agreed and set off. It was a long way away. We met up with Ben in the village car park, did things that young children do not need to see. Ben invited us round to his house, he said it was only 15 minutes ride so we said OK. We tried to keep up with Ben in his car but that didn't last long. Steven seemed to have unlimited energy knowing that there was pure THC waiting for us at the finish line. We got lost a fair few times, some woman in a Land Rover had no spacial awareness and drove behind us for ages, even though you could fit two Land Rovers in the space that was there. We finally made it to Ben's house and what a nice house it was, in the middle of nowhere, big garden, trampoline. Very nice. We sat at a table and began to prepare things. We hear a rattling at the door. Enter Mr Naylor. Everything was hidden fairly swiftly, Mr Naylor comes and says hello, we are introduced, I shake his hand. Ben asks why he is home so early as he said he was out all day. The reply was 'why are you sorting 'things' out?' and Ben's reply was the funniest ever; 'Fine, we were in the middle of rolling a joint' with a sigh at the end. It wasn't a great first impression to make with someone's parent but oh well. We sat in Ben's tree house, not the safest of places. I put my foot through the floor and when getting down Steven broke the 'safety' barrier. All a good laugh. Then we hit up the trampoline, Ben obviously wowed us with his skills, I on the other hand landed on my head a few times. Ben decided to ride with us for a while which was fun. We found a rope swing that swung out over the canal. None of us wanted to go on it in the state we were, but we egged Ben on and he tried it. I think we all wanted to see him fall in a little bit. Steven went next and with each swing it became even more fun, I had to have a go. I put all my valuables in my bag, sat on the swing and off i went. So much fun! I kept going until i slammed into a tree which fucking hurt. I had a few more goes and got a bit wet and then we set off, Ben went home leaving Steven and I with the 10ish mile trek back home....higher than ever. I think I had a new found energy reserve 'cause I pretty much chipped it all the way home. It took us half as long as it did getting there anyway. Steven and I finally went our separate ways and I gunned it down the cycle path in no time at all. I got home, tried to make an omelet, failed and sat in my room all night. A slight anti-climax but I was too shattered to care.
All this on my dad's shitty bike, I still don't have my new one.
Fuck EMA and fuck huge tires

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