Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Its actually not cider its beer....

A couple of months ago now Ibought two tickets to see Cancer Bats in Manchester, one for me and one for Josh. The day finally came and off I trotted to Manchester and met Josh. After searching for some 'penny boat loafers' for Josh and trying to get a room at Travel Lodge and failing we went to the academy. It turns out that Saxon were also playing that night so there were a lot of classic rockers dotting around, one of whom provided some light entertainment while queuing. This dude went on and on for fucking ages, not letting us get a word in edge ways. All I can say is that I hope his brother gets his football shirt. In we went, straight up stairs, had a look at the merch and said hi to Liam Bat. We went to walk into the stage area when i felt an arm around me. I looked up to see some drunk guy, he asked if I could get him some green and I apologised as I don't know anyone in Manc that could. We spoke to this guy for a while and it turns out he was the drum tech for Cancer Bats, I'm still waiting for Josh to get this guys name because, as we would find out later, this guy is a fucking DUDE! The gig was fucking amazing, best gig I've been to i reckon. The usual crowd surfing/stage diving antics went down. The supporting acts consisted of SSS (Short Sharp Shock) and The Plight who were both equally impressive. After the gig we saw drum tech guy (as we came to call him) packing up and Josh asked if he was gonna be down Big Hands afterwards, he said yeah and we shook on it. Off to big hands with a brief glimpse of Saxon on the way. The I.D worked (thanks bro) and we sat and drank for a while.I ordered 'that raspberry cider' which turned out to be beer, what a n00b, Josh laughed at that one and I got sympathy from the lovely barmaid. Then we saw the bands gathering outside. Josh said he was gonna say hi to Katie P when she walked in and that he did. She introduced us to Jay, the C-Bats bassist then asked what we were drinking at which point i played a bit of beer tennis and smacked my bottle off the bar....good times. Josh went off the the toilet and came back saying he ran into drum tech guy who was partying with the bands and he said we should come down, so we did. I went to the toilet and came back to see Josh talking to the C-Bats guitarist, I joined in after dancing with drum tech guy for a while ( he seemed to think the cigarette machine was a jukebox for some reason) After chatting with him for a while Josh went to get drinks during which time I got chatting to The Plight who are a bunch of really sound guys, we spoke about all sorts until Josh returned. After this we sat with Jay and Katie on the sofa. Jay told us about how his mother used to give him whiskey when he was teething and that's why he was knocking them back so quick. We had some really good banter going and then sadly it was time for them to leave. I said bye to Liam and the rest of the guys before they left and all of a sudden me and Josh were the only two people left. It was over. We finished our drinks and then faced the peril that lay ahead of us; Manchester, 1am, no where to stay. We headed for food first and entered the first place we found that was open, it was a shithole. After food we headed for Josh's cousins flat, which we knew was unoccupied and locked up tight, but at least we could sleep in the stairwell or the balcony in Josh's case. After sleeping on the balcony for an hour i was fucking freezing so I woke Josh and we headed into the stairwell. Josh then went on to be sick, dripping it all the way down 5 of the 9 floors. Good effort. We sat on the ground floor for 4 hours, Josh slept on my bag, I kept watch for rapists. At 5am we headed for the train station, in the rain. Upon arrival Josh went for a piss and i sat down. I fell asleep for about 2 hours as did Josh, I woke up with nothing missing but i felt sick and didn't know where the fuck I was. After buying the shittest sandwich ever for £2.80 I said my goodbyes to my main skillet Josh and headed for good ol' platform 14. The train arrived on time and on i hopped, the only thing bad about the journey home was the coach from Preston to Lancaster, it sucked. I got home and went straight to bed and I didn't feel right until Tuesday night. At this moment in time I can't really believe what went down on that night, it was amazing and I hope i get to see all those guys again. I had such a good night and so did Josh:

So to SSS, The Plight, Cancer Bats, Katie, Drum tech guy and all the other guys thanks for a fucking awesome night and hope to see you again sometime.


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